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Deep Tune-up for Short Term Rentals

Getting Started 

We suggest quarterly or semiannual vacation rental tune-ups, Let's face it, quick guest turnarounds mean that items will be damaged or go missing and the little details can be overlooked. Add salt air corrosion and natural wear and tear and it's easy for your rental to need some special attention. Most tune-ups are done in one day (per room.)

You pick the package, and we bring the design eye, do all the product sourcing, install and deliver!

Let's talk about your property

  • 15-minute phone consultation

  • Video chat or text/email me your photos 

  • Make an appointment for an onsite assessment at 808.999.9209 or send a note.

  • We enhance their work by catching the small details, some examples; cleaning grout, changing batteries, swapping yellowed switch plates, tightening handles, cleaning dust in odd places and removing corrosion and refurbishing where needed.

We did a survey of vacationers' reviews and fond the statement "the condo was outdated" over and over again. Schedule a free assessment where we will ​we detail your needs, and put together an affordable plan to make your unit shine!

Packages for Maui HI, Short Term Rental Properties! 

1 or 2 Bdr

Redesign your furnishings

Follow-up Clean


 1 or 2 Bdr
Redesign your furnishings
Product Sourcing

Follow-up Clean

3 to 4 Bdr

Two Person team
Redesign your furnishings

Product Sourcing
Follow-up Clean

Ready to move forward? Click below to schedule an assessment appt.
We'll get back to you within a few hours!

$Price TBD

No Demo Room Renovation
*Painting & Repairs

Product sourcing

Follow-up Clean

Let's Talk!

Questions ? Send me a note to get started or call 808.999.9209. Mahalo for stopping by!

Replace missing, broken or dated inventory 

Thanks for submitting!

VRT Disclaimer

  • Our team is small, experienced, vetted and we are insured. 

  • These prices are for unoccupied short-term rentals. 

  • We suggest that someone be present during the assessment and possibly the redesign process. Working together will give us both peace of mind. Only you know the value and importance of your items.

  • Before & after photos/footage are important to grow our business, and we can use them without identifying our clients. There is no problem if you'd rather we not to share those images. We will respect your wishes.

  • Our personal safety is paramount for our team. Because we have to enter your space, we reserve the right to cancel any job where there is a negative or unsafe environment. As a client, you also have this right to cancel, if we agree that we're not a match. If the job has been started, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. 

  • Due to COVID 19, safety precautions will be taken.

Fact - Condo housekeepers are the hardest workers in the cleaning business!
You've got the same six-hour window to flip numerous units as hotel cleaners, but with added square footage, added responsibilities and added expectations! Our Vacation Rental Tune-up helps because we have an obsessive attention to detail! We use biodegradable/natural cleaning products whenever possible. 

  • Restaging if needed    

  • Sanitize

  • Polishing

  • Cleaning grout*

  • Changing batteries

  • Swapping out dated switch plates & socket covers

  • Tightening handles

  • Vacuuming and cleaning upholstery

  • Cleaning dust on decor, and easily overlooked places

  • Cleaning light fixtures 

  • Camouflaging imperfections

  • Create and laminate signage where needed

  • Cleaning baseboards, door and window frames

  • Clean small appliances

  • Degreasing appliances

  • The things you on your running list...

With input from owners, property management or housekeeping staff, we conduct a free, full condo assessment to knock-out the running list of tasks at your short term vacation rental. We fix, shine and replace worn, broken or missing inventory, with a choice of new or quality pre-owned furnishing and home goods. We’re proud of our keen eye for the smallest of details! Vacation Rental Tune-up brings to the table the creative and skilled eye of an interior redesigner, a certified professional organizer, and an expert shopper with a frugal mindset, with over 20 years of home improvement experience. 

FACT - Quick turn arounds and high luggage traffic, mean lots of wear and tear to your prized investment. Add Maui's tropical climate and the effects of salt air corrosion to the equation, and items simply do not last as long. Reviews matter, and our goal is to help keep your rental property in tip top shape, while also giving you a stunning slice of heaven to come back to again and again! No binding contracts or obligations. Learn More

Are you off island or simply don't have the time or desire to look for replacement or upgrade items? Or perhaps you are new owners and need help and taking your investment to the next level. Let us do the shopping and staging for you! 

Yes, we upcycle and rehome!

Because Maui is an island, protecting her environment is a must! Maui has wonderful showrooms stocked with new furniture items that we frequent, however, we know that our clientele are those interested in minimizing expenses. Our mission is to keep quality home furnishings and accessories out of the landfills. We source, vet and rehoming quality, pre-owned pieces. The luxury home market on the island and the amount of quick sales by those forgoing shipping fees when leaving the island, creates an impressive pre-owned inventory! Learn More



  • Call us at 808.999.9209 or fill out our form and let us know what you need.

  • You set the budget (hourly rate or flat fee) and we source the item, correspond with photos and videos.

  • Once the decision is made, you remit the purchase order.

  • We pickup, inspect, deliver, assemble and install (when applicable) or we schedule and supervise vendor deliveries. 

"Renee knocked this out of the box! I had a limited budget and
4 guests due in within 24 hours. We came home from the airport, and I couldn't believe how put together my lanai was!"

Jeff (Maui Meadows)

Yes, we upcycle and rehome!Because Maui is an island, protecting her environment is a must! Our mission is to keep quality home furnishings and accessories out of the landfills. We source, vet and rehome  quality, pre-owned pieces. The luxury home market on the island and the purging when leaving the island, creates an impressive pre-owned inventory! Learn More


We are true treasure hunters! Whether you want a new item, or are open to saving with quality, pre-owned merchandise, we can find what you need and are guaranteed to save you time and money!
Our resources -

  • Online Search - Popular online stores, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Etsy, Ebay, Nextdoor and more

  • Maui Furniture Showrooms, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Lowe's

  • Big Box Discount Stores - Ross, Walmart, Target or Costco

  • Pre-owned retail stores and little hidden treasure troves all over the Valley Isle.

  • Local and native Hawaiian artists and craft-persons.

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